About the Euclid Chamber of Commerce

What is a Chamber of Commerce?

We are a membership organization comprised of businesses and organizations. Our purpose can take many different forms, and just like any other group out there, we must adapt with the times to transform into what our members and community need. The Euclid Chamber of Commerce is doing just that. Traditionally, Chambers of Commerce held monthly meetings for the purpose of networking and education. And, while we still offer these events, we realize that times have changed. We are all being pulled in so many different directions with family activities, technology which makes it difficult to disconnect from the office, and invitations to attend a plethora of business events, webinars, courses, mixers and meetings. How do we decipher which are the ones most worthy of our precious time to attend?

Being a member of a Chamber of Commerce is not necessarily about just attending meetings and events and networking. Sure, we have some pretty great events and we hear rave reviews about how wonderful they were and how much fun they had and we are proud of that. But, being a member of a Chamber is about building networks and relationships with each other. Networking is awkward and uncomfortable for many people and it does not necessarily convert immediately to a sales lead. But, over time, as you build your network of fellow leaders, you are building a support system, possibly even a referral system. When you need a product or service, you know where to go and it makes you proud to know you are doing your part to support the local economy.

There are so many other ways to make the most of your membership. We offer so much more—more than you may realize. We have ways to save you money. We are not just talking nickels and dimes here—real savings can be had by our programs. You can save on insurance, workers’ compensation, gas and electric utilities, office supplies, wellness programs and fitness, credit card processing and more. Plus, everyone in your organization can also utilize our gas and electric programs at home. Through our new Save Local Now program, all members have a FREE listing and can utilize it as a FREE marketing tool complete with offering special deals, emailing capabilities, events and more.


Have you ever had a business related question and wondered who would be the best person to call?

Call us! If we don’t know, we will find out and get right back to you. We have worked diligently with the City of Euclid and their Economic Planning and Development department to build our own network of organizations and business services so that we can be your go to person for all your questions. We will have a basic business series at the Euclid Public Library, as well as a “Masters Series” of in-depth and more complex topics that will be offered at a variety of locations around Euclid.

Perhaps you have a problem that we can help solve and maybe that solution will be helpful to other local businesses. We are up for the challenge. The Euclid Chamber of Commerce is successful when you are successful. We truly want to do whatever we can to help you overcome challenges and grow. We love matching people to people, people to services and services to services to build a successful local economy.