Through the Northern Ohio Area Chambers of Commerce (NOACC), the Euclid Chamber of Commerce is able to offer some great benefits.  NOACC has recently added a program that allows Chambers to use renewable energy and also added a prescription program.  Take a look at all of the benefits that NOACC offers through the Chamber

Group Health Insurance – Chamber Saver Program

Now you can get cost savings on your health insurance benefits usually reserved for larger companies. How? You get the
purchasing power of the group insurance market through your chamber of commerce membership. PLUS, you also get
access to the comprehensive care and quality providers you’ve come to expect.
There are two Anthem discount programs available to you through your local chamber of commerce.
1. ChamberSaver – traditional ACA plan. Informational Flyer
2. SOCA Benefit Plan MEWA – self-funded group plan for employee sizes 2-50. Informational Flyer .
How do I enroll my company? Ask your current Anthem licensed agent for a quote with your NOACC chamber
membership discount. If you are not currently working with a broker, let us help you find one in your area.

Chamber Energy Program

Community Energy Advisors (CEA) is a Public Utilities Commission of Ohio certified energy  management firm that educates and empowers organizations of all sizes to maximize the  economics of their energy assets. Through the Chamber Energy Program, CEA provides  Chamber members with Education, Savings, and Protection on both regulated and deregulated  energy expenses. With a credible partner looking out for your bottom-line, members enjoy  peace of mind and budget-ability when it comes to your utility costs.

Managed Care Organization (MCO)

Workers Compensation is a major cost of doing business.  Lost-time claims can increase premiums if not handled properly.  It is the MCO’s job to make sure injured workers receive care and return to work safely and promptly.  NOACC has chosen HMS (Health Management Solutions) as it’s MCO services provider.  (This program is paid for by the State of Ohio, and employers can only change companies during open enrollment.)

Chamber Payroll Program

Heartland Payroll allows you to process payroll with ease and confidence.  You will enjoy support when you need it, 24/7 payroll access, the convenience of having a local partner, fair and transparent pricing, and a support center with access to all the forms you need.  Payroll made easy.  

BWC Third Party Administrator (TPA)

Save on Workers’ Compensation Premiums with a Trusted Team in Paramount Preferred Solutions.  Endorsed by NOACC’s Endorsed BWC Third Party Administrator since 2008

PPS Service Promise:

Receive Highest Qualified Group Rating Discounts

FMLA and Unemployment Services Available

Owned and Operated in Ohio

Expert Claims Management and much more

To a quote request, download return the PPS AC3 form or completed online here

Contact Peter Young for a FREE quote. 

Chamber Shipping Program

Chamber members receive exclusive discounts on inbound and outbound shipments of all sizes through the NOACC Shipping Program, managed by PartnerShip®. Ship smarter with this free member benefit.

Save on small package shipping with discounts of 45% on FedEx Express and 25% on FedEx Ground.

Reduce your LTL freight costs and easily rate shop with TForce Freight, Saia, YRC Freight, and many others.

Benefit from partial and full truckload options for shipments that need added reliability and security or require specialized equipment.

Improve your supply chain efficiency with affordable contract or on-demand warehousing.

Get Started

Enroll in the NOACC Shipping Program today to start saving. For members who are already using the program, but don’t have the current FedEx discounts, make sure you re-enroll to receive the improved pricing. If you have any questions about using the program or would like a quote, PartnerShip is available to help.

Chamber Sustainability Program

The Chamber Sustainability Program, provided by Viridi, allows your business and home to go green through the use of Renewable Energy Certificates. A Renewable Energy Certificate represents the ownership of the green environmental attributes of 1,000 kWh of energy produced and pushed to the grid by a renewable resource like wind, solar, or hydro.

Learn More Here

Visit The Viridi Website

Prescription Drug Program

This program is being provided to you and your family to help lower your prescription drug costs. Simply create and print your FREE Prescription Drug Coupon Card below and receive savings of up to 80% (discounts average roughly 30%) at more than 68,000 national and regional pharmacies. This coupon card can be used for potential savings on prescription medications not covered by your insurance. This coupon card is pre-activated and can be used immediately!